Cache Miss Heuristics and Preloading Techniques for General-Purpose Programs

Toshihiro Ozawa, Shin'ichiro Nishizaki, Yasunori Kimura


Previous research on hiding memory latencies tends to focus on regular numerical programs. This paper presents a latency-hiding compiler technique that is applicable to general-purpose C programs.

We have developed simple compiler heuristics to identify load instructions that are likely to cause a cache-miss. Experimentation with a set of benchmarks shows that our heuristics are successful in identifying 85% of the cache misses. Using the heuristics, we have also developed an instruction scheduling algorithm to hide memory latency by preloading. Our simulation on a set of SPEC92 benchmarks suggests that our technique is successful in hiding the memory latency and improves the overall performance. We also show the effect of preloading for several CPU configurations, especially by changing the number of instructions issued, and by adding a Branch Target Buffer.


preloading, instruction scheduling, memory latency, cache miss, heuristics

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