I am pleased to announce the availability of MICRO-28 student travel grants.
The grant program is made possible through generous donations from IBM, Texas
Instruments, and Intel.  The purpose of the grant is to supplement the
advisors' research grants or the students' fellowship travel allowance to make
attending MICRO-28 more affordable. The details of the grant are given below:

(1)  Students who are presenting papers at MICRO-28 will be given higher
     priority in the selection process.  We expect to have at least 25 reci-
     pients this year.

(2)  We are aiming at covering approximately 50% of the airfare, hotel, and
     registration expenses with a maximum of $500.

(3)  Student applicants should fill out the enclosed application form and
     e-mail the application to paulad@eecs.umich.edu by November 1, 1995. The
     receipt of the application will be acknowledged immediately. The decision
     will be sent to the applicants by November 8, 1994.

(4)  The grant checks will be sent to the recipients AFTER the conference.
     Each grant recipient is required to send in all expense receipts Paula
     Denton at the address listed above, as well as a two-page summary of
     his/her experience with MICRO-28 after the conference via e-mail
     to paulad@eecs.umich.edu.  The check will be delivered after we receive
     the receipts and the report.

(5)  The grant recipients are still required to pay the conference registra-
     tion fee.  Note that all student participants will be entitled to ALL
     MICRO-28 events and proceedings in spite of the lower registration fee
     for students.

Trevor Mudge
General Chair, MICRO-28


                MICRO-28 Student Travel Grant Application Form


Expected degree and graduation date:__________________________________

Area of research:_____________________________________________________

Name of advisor:______________________________________________________

Postal address for sending the grant check:___________________________

E-mail address:_______________________________________________________

Paper title (if presenting a paper at MICRO-28):______________________

Have you published at MICRO before? If so, please list the years:

Estimate of expenses: airfare ____ hotel _____ registration _____